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Badlands Photography

Badlands Photography is a local photography partnership with photographers Joel and Tracy. They capture the beauty of our province with their unique eye. They also offer a great variety of services from commercial, portraits, head shots, product photography and much much more. Come on into the shop to see their stunning gallery and if you have any inquiries about their services we can help connect you. Don't forget to check out their website for all their services and contact information. Badlandsphotography.ca  

Born in Calgary, AB and grew up in Drumheller, AB, Joel spent most of his life with a camera in his hand. Self taught from a young age he loved experimenting with many different styles and formats. With a background in Audio engineering, he got to use his hobby of photography and video to advance his skill set and take on many different projects. In the fall of 2017 he made a commitment and investment into some new gear and online training to take his art form to another level. Sunsets and landscapes are among his favourite subjects, more recently he has been expanding his skill set including commercial work, live music, studio and portrait style shoots. For the summer of 2019 Joel was honoured to be selected as an ambassador for the Canadian Badlands tourism program and get to showcase the beauty of the badlands through his eyes. Joel is always up for a new challenge or adventure.

Tracy grew up in Calgary, AB and just recently started a new adventure in Drumheller, AB. Tracy has always loved the arts, and even attended ACAD in 2007. This nurtured her creative side from painting, drawing, right down to photography. Tracy started her photography out with portraits and has quickly grown to diversify her skill set. Tracy has really taken to macro photography, she really loves getting those extreme closeups of all the fine details. She calls them her tiny treasures. Tracy has also shown a strong ability to direct on an active shoot, knowing how to help get the models comfortable and nailing the perfect pose. She is looking forward to growing more as an artist and can’t wait for the next shoot.

Joel has prints available for purchase.

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